Part 3 Why You Should Read the Bible Like a Text Message

It’s official.  Doctors are diagnosing conditions like iPhone syndrome and iPhone addiction disorder. 

We are attached to our phones.  Smart phones, in particular, have become extensions of our hands.  Every morning, I see the same drivers at the same time and same location on their phones.


It’s comical the panic we experience when our phones are lost or broken.  We’re like the little girl in The Goonies who cried, “I want my bike, I want my bike, I want bike.”  Without our cell phones, we meltdown to a state of Grinch-likeness.

I’m saying these things, not because my goal is to convince you to terminate your contract with AT&T or Sprint and seek professional counseling.  I’m not espousing cell phones are evil.  Though, in some ways they may be.  I am simply highlighting the commitment we have to this way of communicating.

Teenagers spend hours texting.  Teens have learned to walk, hold a conversation, and text at the same time.  Adults are catching on quickly.  On dates with our spouses or at Disney World with our families, we find ourselves texting.

Texting is a normal part of our everyday.

Text Message Skill #3:  Practice until it becomes a natural part of your day.

Imagine if we did the same with reading the Bible.  What would happen if we practiced reading until it became a natural part of our day?

I want to be careful, here.  I remember the old Sunday School adage, “Pray, read your bible, and go to church.”  This old way of putting it feels so forced.  So legalistic.  So sterile.

I’m suggesting a new way.  Reading the Bible is meant to be beautiful and transformational.  It’s meant to be natural.  And, if interacting with words on texts can be become a part of your normal life, I’m confident you can interact with God’s Word even more naturally.

If there’s anything worthy of addiction, it’s the Bible.



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