Learning You Have Beliefs that are Limiting

There is a phrase I picked up as a kid:

We can’t afford that.”  

It is a legitimate statement.  I am not able to afford everything I desire.  A dream house on the beach paid in full would be wonderful.  A full quiver of surfboards for every occasion wouldn’t be too shabby either.

It is true.  Somethings I can’t afford.

Somewhere along the way, the phrase turned into a tool in my box.  I could pull it out anytime I didn’t want to spend money on something.

For example, my kids see a toy at the store.  It’s expensive.  The price tag doesn’t match the value I see in it.  So, I pull out my tool.  I say to them, “No, I’m not going to buy it for you.  We can’t afford it.”  

It is an excuse for me.  I don’t want to do that.  “Oh, I can’t afford that.”  I can’t risk it.  “No way, I can’t afford that.”

The belief that “I can’t afford that” paralyzes me.   

I am stuck.  Frozen.  Limited.

It locks my step.  There is no way I can move forward.  Where I am is as far as I can go.

So, I miss out.  On adventures.  On experiences.  On opportunities.  On lessons.  On intimacy.  On growth.  On success.  On what is possible.

I am limited by my belief.

Good news.  You can run free by imagining a new truth.

For me, it might mean believing that “God provides all the resources I need.”

For you, well…I don’t know.  You do though.  It’s up to you to rewrite it.   



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