Learning an Important Question to Ask Yourself at the New Year

What accomplishments are you most proud of achieving last year?

I am not sure I’ve had anyone ask me before.

I don’t remember anyone ever saying to me, “Coy, tell me about your greatest accomplishment last year?”  

I know I’ve never asked myself.  So, I’ve never had to come up with an answer.

I am proud of some of my accomplishments in years past.  A few of them I could name quickly.  I’ve never intentionally called them to mind.  They simply float around in my subconscious.

This year I have been challenged by Michael Hyatt to provide an answer.  

At first, I was more concerned with a different question.  It dug into the regrets and disappointments of last year.  Tough stuff.  The type of information you are afraid to admit even to yourself.

Maybe it is my personality, or maybe it was my year, but the answer to the dark question cam to me relatively quick.  It wasn’t fun to realize.  It was simply clear.

I struggled to find a place where I could see the sunny side.  “My accomplishments? Hmmmm.

Great question.  I wish I had an answer.  I didn’t.  Nothing came to mind.

I’m left with myself, thinking, “What did I do this year?  Did I accomplish anything significant?  Am I a loser if I don’t have an immediate answer?”

The answer eventually became evident.  

The accomplishment I am the most proud of achieving last year is:  I sent my youngest daughter to Kindergarten.

Not what you expect, right?  At least not coming from a young dad.

I am proud of this accomplishment because it gives worth to the daddy-duty that I’ve been committed to since her birth. It validates our decision for me to be the one to stay-at-home with our kids.  I stepped into it having no idea what to do.  The only certainty was believing it was the right thing to do.

I am proud to have made it this far.  I did what I never imagined I would or could do.  I prepared my youngest for kindergarten.  I did it without pulling out my own hair or her hair or stunting Brooklyn’s confidence in the career in which God is calling her.

Why would I recommend you should ask yourself the question, “What accomplishments are you most proud of achieving last year?”

Because you did accomplish something great last year, and most likely, no one will else will ask you.  If you don’t ask, then it goes unrecognized.

Without recognition, it is relegated to the annals of non-importance.  It is left out of your story.  It isn’t able to inform who you are so that it influences who you become.

Name what you accomplished last year.  Embrace it.  Let it become sustenance for what you will accomplish tomorrow.   

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