Learning to Change My Perspective on Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt

What if someone told you to lean into fear, uncertainty, and doubt?  

Those are the words I heard from Michael Hyatt this week.  I am working through his resource, 5 Years to the Best Year Ever.

When talking about the necessary criteria for setting goals, he suggests it needs to be challenging.  You know it’s challenging if it moves you into what he calls “the discomfort zone.”  He says you will notice three emotional markers when moving into this zone:  1)  Fear, 2) Uncertainty, and 3) Doubt.

It runs averse to what you’ve been taught most of your life.  You’ve most likely been conditioned to avoid them.  They elicit that sick-to-the-stomach kind of feeling.  Immediately, you feel yourself backpedaling.

I’m thinking hard for what this means for setting goals for my life in 2016.  It hasn’t been easy.  Honestly, there have been many moments when I have succumbed.  I have wanted to back out of thinking of certain possibilities.

More importantly, I am coming to face a liberating realization:

I don’t share the same fear, uncertainty, and doubt as everyone else.

Not saying they don’t exist for me.  They do.

The are just different.  God gifts each of with us a confidence to face different realities in our lives with confidence.  I imagine it’s partially due to your context:  where you were born, how you were raised, what defining moments you’ve experienced, the culture you lived in, your faith history, your religious affiliation, and the education you received.  I also believe it’s a part of God’s design for redeeming what’s broken in our word.

Beauty unfolds when we use our courage to set others free to live brave in their own way.

Too often, we do the opposite.  We know what causes us fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  We impose it on others.  “If it’s too scary or dangerous for me, then it must be for you, too.” 

You end up holding others back from the wide open space that God has called them to experience.  Without their ability to run free in those wild spaces, they are also unable to ever invite you into its wonder.

God calls us to cast out all fear.

I believe we do it together by standing behind each other in belief.  “I believe you can do it.  It is God who created you to be this person and equipped you to succeed.”

Seeing you be brave makes me want to brave.  Together, we walk into the scary places as one.  Knowing that you can do it gives me the confidence to step into the unknown.

It is in those spaces that the kingdom of God opens up and becomes a reality in our world.

I’m learning God wants to change my perspective on fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  

It means more than writing goals.  It will include setting aside the fear I cast on others, and casting off any fear others try to place on me. 


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