Learning You Need to Know Your Motivations

I’m writing goals for 2016.  Not just for work, but I’m laying it out there for other areas of my life:  personal, relational, spiritual, health, and financial.

Writing goals is a big deal.  It is putting pen to paper all the aspirations living inside you.  Scary, serious, and exciting stuff.

It is not meant to be taken lightly.  At least, not if you want to improve on your last year.  I want improvement.  I am putting my mind and heart in it.

My assignment was 7 to 10 goals.  I came up with 8 solid, and one on the fence.  Done.

Writing a goal is only the first stage toward accomplishing it.

Statistics will scare you.  I’ve heard numerous reports.  It has been reported that 25% will abandon their goals within 7 days.  More than 50% of people will forget about their goals within half a year.  If that’s not discouraging enough, consider this.  On average, you will set the goal 10 times before seeing it realized.

Why write a goal, then, right?  Seems doomed to failure.


Writing the goal isn’t the problem.  Your greatest obstacle is what comes after it is down on paper.  You have to act on the next step.  And the next step.  And the next step.  And the next step, until you reach the destination.      

You won’t act on the next step until you know your motivations.

You need to know WHY.

Why do you have this goal?  Why is it worth it to you?  Why?

Answering WHY brings to light your motivation.  You will gain “this” if you reach your goal.  Or, you will lose “that” if you fail to try.

It is not like eating ice cream.  You don’t need motivation to eat ice cream.  It only needs to be available to you.  Plus, it tastes good.


Without clear motivations, you most likely will not pickup your goal and get started.  It may look and sound good.   But, you still have the hard work ahead of you.  Unlike ice cream, a craving will not be enough.

You need to know WHY.

You can know your motivations by asking yourself and answering, Why?

Don’t just just think about it, either.  Write it down.  Save it in your phone.  Keep it somewhere easily accessible.

It may take some time.  Don’t rush it.  Try not to force it.

Authenticity is key.  Be honest.  You can’t fool yourself.  You won’t be moved by even your own faulty motivation.

Once you have it, go back to it regularly.  Read it.  Re-read it.  Digest it.  Live and breathe it.

Goals are good.  You should have goals.  You can reach those goals by knowing the motivation that drives your toward reaching them.

One last thing.  God is a great resource for discovering your motivation.  Don’t forget to go to the ultimate source of inspiration.

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