Learning You Will Know the Power of Evil by Knowing the Power of Jesus

Knowing the power of Jesus comes with facing the powers of evil with him.

Jesus confronted evil.  He walked into its arena.  He passed through its favorite hangouts.

Jesus was so closely acquainted with evil that evil had no option but to be acquainted with him.

Evil knows Jesus.

An evil spirit in Acts 19 confesses, “Jesus I know.”  

Strangely enough, the same spirit doesn’t know a group of people speaking in Jesus’ name.  They are amateur exorcists.  They attempt to cast out demons using the command, “I adjure you by the Jesus whom Paul proclaims.”

The evil spirit responds, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who are you?”  

The demon is like, “Oh really, you know Jesus, huh?  Then, why haven’t I seen you with him before?  What’s his favorite outfit?  What color are his eyes?  I would definitely recognize you if you know Jesus because I see him all the time.  Are you part of a new recruiting class?”

Fully aware this group of people don’t know Jesus, the evil spirit wages an attack.  It overpowers them and sends them running home in the nude.

You can’t fake knowing Jesus.  

Name dropping will not suffice.  You can’t hide having never spent time with him.  If so, you would know his favorite places to hang out.  Likewise, the people and spirits in those places would know you.

Jesus invites everyone he knows to follow him in facing the powers of evil.  He leads you in receiving and even suffering all the worst evil can throw at you.  Then, he brings you out “more than conquerors.

You have to go in order to know.

Going with Jesus allows you to know Jesus.  The places that Jesus takes you make it inevitable that you will also know evil.

Why?  Because Jesus came to overcome evil.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit empower you to do the same.



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