I am a stay-at-home Dad and co-pastor (with my wife, Brooklyn) of the Saturday Night community at Highland Park Church in Lakeland, FL.  I have two daughters, Kirra – 5yrs and Mya – 2yrs, who share some of their time with me with the Saturday Night community of about 100 people, as well as the other 1,700 people who attend Highland Park Church every weekend.

    This blog represents my journey of learning.  It is a record of my learning in real-time.  I believe all of us are learning something new everyday.  All too often, though, we keep it to ourselves.  My goal is to share with you what I’m learning as I learn it.

    Because I feel one of my greatest callings is to grow as parent and spouse , I write about family and relationships.  As a pastor, I also write about faith, the Church/church, theology, and leadership.

    My purpose is put into words my most current and formative learning experiences.  As I learn what it means to be a Dad, Husband, Pastor, Friend, and Follower of Christ, I will think out loud what I’m learning in the form of blog posts.  If you have room to grow in any of these areas, this blog is an invitation to learn with me.

My Biography

    Since we moved to Lakeland, FL in 2007, I have juggled the life of a stay-at-home Dad and working as a pastor.  My journey as a pastor began 12 years ago.  Brooklyn and I moved from Ohio to Florida in 2001 to join the staff of a small Nazarene church in East Orlando.  Brooklyn served as the Youth Pastor, and I her #1 volunteer.  At the same time, I began my graduate studies at Asbury Theological Seminary’s Florida Dunnam Campus.  I graduated from Asbury Seminary in 2004 with a Master of Divinity with a special focus in Christian Ethics and Hispanic Theology.

    Our next ministry experience took us closer to the east coast of Florida.  Eight miles from the beach.  Wow that’s hard to write, we were so close to the ocean.  Brooklyn continued in Youth Ministry and I as her #1 volunteer.  In addition to setting up/cleaning up the youth room 2-3 times a week and playing 100’s of games of fuseball and ping-pong, I served with a small group of young adults.  And then one of the most pivotal moments in my life occurred:  I was introduced to the world of surfing.  Ever since, I check the surf report every day and get my board wet as much as possible.

With tears in our eyes, we said good-bye to a church we loved (and a 10 minute drive to waves) to join a staff of a large church in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.  Again, Brooklyn continued her role as a Youth Pastor.  I expanded my role into a full-time position as Pastor of college students/young adults and shared responsibility with a new campus worship service.  As a United Methodist Church, it was a worship service set in a contemporary worship center next to the main sanctuary.  The purpose was to offer an alternative to the traditional music and culture familiar to most UM Churches.

In 2007, Brooklyn and I returned to central Florida to join the staff at Highland Park Church where we currently serve.  This time, though, we brought a 4 month old daughter with us.  Brooklyn continued in youth ministry as the Pastor of Middle School students.  I ventured into the world of full-time stay-at-home Dad and part-time Pastor to Young Adults.  My day to day consisted of changing diapers, burping, cleaning house, and walking Kirra to the church twice a day.  I took our baby girl to doctor visits, the park, and the YMCA on a regular basis.  About 2 1/2 years later, I started all over again with our second baby girl.  During this time, I led a worship service for young adults/college students.

In 2011, I was given the opportunity to lead the community of Highland Park Church that meets on Saturday Nights to worship together.  As a ministry of Highland Park Church, I lead this community as a campus ministry.  Each week, I’m blessed with the opportunity to preach to, care for, and lead missional followers of Jesus.  My greatest claim to being an expert learner comes from one comment I heard a few months after serving in this role:  “Coy, the first time I heard you preach, I thought to myself, man, this is painful.  It’s amazing the preacher you’ve become.  It’s like you’re not the same person.

I’ve also written one book:  Pefect Wave:  Reflecting God by Protecting the Earth.  In it, I connect our personal faith to our responsibility to care for the created world.

I’m married to Brooklyn Lindsey.  Yes, “The” Brooklyn Lindsey.  The best Youth Pastor I know.  We’ve been married for 15 years this May.  We live in Lakeland, FL with two beautiful (just like their mom) daughters.

In my free time, you will most likely find me in the Atlantic Ocean catching whatever wave I can chase down.  If not there, then I could be at the YMCA working out, riding my beach cruiser, or reading a good book on the couch.

My Contact Information

You can contact me via email coylindsey@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter Coy_Lindsey or Facebook  Coy Lindsey

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